What are the requirements for a Blue Card in 2023?

Requirements that must be fulfilled in order to get a Blue Card in Poland change every year, due to changes in gross average salary in Poland.

What is a Blue Card actually?

A Blue Card is a commonly used name for a “temporary residence permit for the purpose of performing work in a profession that requires high qualifications” (this is the actual official name used in Polish legal provisions). It is basically a temporary residence permit based on work with some additional benefits.

While it is possible to get a “regular” residence permit for any kind of work, in order to receive a Blue Card, your work position must meet some additional requirements.

What are the requirements for the Blue Card?

In 2023, your work contract must be:

  • for at least 1 year;
  • for a work position related to your high professional qualifications (confirmed by either a 3-year university degree or 5-years of previous work experience);
  • with a monthly salary of at least 9519,22 PLN gross (this amount changes every year; it is updated for 2023).

What are the benefits?

The main benefits are:

  • after 2 years of stay in Poland based on a Blue Card, you can change your work without any need of changing the residence permit decision (you only have to inform the Voivode about this, but there isn’t any long procedure involved),
  • after 12 months of stay in Poland based on a Blue Card, you can move to another EU country and have it transferred there it this country’s Blue Card (the procedure for this varies between EU countries, but it still means that you can get a Blue Card there easier),
  • you can apply for a family member residence permits for your family immediately (with a “regular” residence permit based on work, you can do so only after 2 years of stay based on such residence permit).

Do you need legal assistance in applying for a residence permit?

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8 thoughts on “What are the requirements for a Blue Card in 2023?”

    • Good afternoon,
      this information is wrong. The correct amount for the entire 2023 is 9519,22 PLN.
      It is always equal to 150% of average salary in Polish industry sector for the entire previous year.

  1. Good afternoon,

    If base salary is 9,000 and additional salary is 8% (720 pln), does that count? It’s called secondary salary

    • Good afternoon,
      if this additional salary is a guranteed part of your salary (rather then a discretionary bonus, sales commission, etc.), than it does count.

  2. Hello, thank you for this information. If someone has a Blue Card for less than one year, and wants to change employer, how can it be done because employers in Poland give probationary contract first for three months.
    And Blue card requires minimum one year.
    Also, while you reapply with new employer, is the previous card still valid till new decision?

    Note: I am living in Poland since 2016 and graduated in full time masters in Warsaw.

    • Good afternoon,
      your new job position should meet the requirements for the blue card as well. If you had a blue card for less then full 2 years, you have to apply for you blue card to be altered (to change the employer indicated on the residence permit).
      If you would like to receive legal assistance with that, please contact me via email: biuro@kancelariakamler.pl.

  3. Hello,

    I’m recently holding the normal resident permit I can say.
    For this permit I can work legally in Poland, but not for my wife. And I have a salary above 9519,22 PLN gross.
    I can say for this range I’m qualified enough.

    My current permit will expire in 2025. is there any chance for me to change this permit to Blue Card? So my spouse will have a right to work too..
    Or should I wait until my employer renew my permit in 2025?

    Can you advice me for this?

    Thank you

    • Good afternoon,
      there is no way to change the existing residence permit into another type of residence permit. The only way would be to apply for a new residence permit. Please mind that you don’t have to wait until the end of current residence permit – you can apply at any time. As a matter of fact, you never “renew” your permit – each time you apply for a new one.


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