How can you use your Blue Card in another EU country?

The “Blue Card” is a term used for document issued by one of the EU countries for highly qualified workers form non-EU countries. It allows them to stay in the EU country and work there. Blue Card also provides some other rights to its owners, e.g. the right to be treated similarly as the citizens of EU country that issued the Card. But can you use it in another EU country and how you can do it?

The short answer is yes – you can use your Blue Card in EU country other than the one which gave you this document. The only limitation is that you have to stay in the first country for at least 18 months. For example, if Poland gave you your Blue Card, you can use it to work in Germany after 18 months of residence in Poland.

When the period of 18 months pass and you want to work in another EU country, you have to submit an application for transfering your Blue Card. You should provide all the documents normally required for Blue Card in new country. Plus you have to it within one month after your arrival.

Such application can also be submitted by your employer.

The documents needed to get Blue Card in Poland:

  1. Valid employment contract or binding hiring offer for highly qualified job for at least one year,
  2. Documents confirming that you are a highly qualified specialist (such as documents proving your past work experience and/or degrees),
  3. Valid passport,
  4. visa or valid residence permit (if you had it before),
  5. document confirming your health insurance.

Also, you will be checked if you may pose a threat to public policy, public security or public health.

When you get your Blue Card in another country, all related rights are given to you automatically.

The rights related to Blue Card are:

  • access to a specified job position requiring high qualifications (and after 2 years – to all the jobs requiring high qualifications),
  • equal treatment,
  • freedom to enter and exit the country,
  • possibility for your family to join you.

If your family is staying with you, they can join you when you get the Blue Card in another EU country.

To do so, each of your family member have to submit an application for residence permit as a family member within one month after arrival.

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