Pro Bono

Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Piotr Kamler provides legal assistance on a pro publico bono basis (ie fully free of charge and for the public interest) for non-government organizations and all people of good will, striving to improve living conditions and introduce positive changes in the world around us.

If you are interested in obtaining legal support as part of our pro bono activities, please send us an offer at the following e-mail address:

Since July 2018, our Law Firm supports the “Fundacja Przygarnij Kota”. This Foundation acts selflessly for the benefit of homeless cats in Wrocław. As part of its activity, the Foundation is actively involved in the adoption of stray cats of all ages, treatment of free-living animals, their feeding and social education on the matter.

If you find out more about the activities of Fundacja Przygarnij Kota, visit website

Since March 2019, our Law Firm financially supports Polish artists operating on

So far, we have supported among others:

Ciekawe Historie – educational channel devoted to socio-historical issues of the 20th century If you find out more about the channel – visit