You won’t be at home for a few days during ongoing resident permit case? You should take care of something first!

Resident permit cases can take a long time (see here). While you wait for a decision, you may need to leave home for a few days. Whether it’s because of holidays, family visit or any other reason, you definitely should take precautions to ensure that you won’t miss any requests from Urząd Wojewódzki. Otherwise, it is possible that during your absence, Urząd will send you a letter and you won’t be at home to pick it up. And this may result in negative consequences (you can learn more here).

So, what can you do? There are two options:

1. Inform Urząd that you would like to receive their correspondence at different address. They will send any and all letters to the address you pointed out.

To do so, you should write a letter to Urząd with this information and either send it by post or file personally at Urząd’s Office.

Here is a short template we prepared just for you:

2. Make someone your post proxy (“pełnomocnik pocztowy”).

This way, the person you chose will be able to pick up your letters using awizo (what’s that?) left by the postman.

To do so, you must personally go to your local post office and sign post proxy form. Please mind that this will allow the proxy to get your letters only at this particular post office – not all post offices!

Here is the abovementioned form:

If you are interested in getting any help with any issues related to your stay in Poland, feel free to contact us and take advantage of our services.

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