Terms & Conditions for Providing Debt Collection Stamp

  1. These conditions set out the rules for the service of providing a seal visible below (hereinafter: “Debt Collection Stamp”) to the entity indicated in the order form (hereinafter: “User”) by Piotr Kamler, conducting business activity under the name “Piotr Kamler Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego”, registered in polish CEIDG company register, NIP: 8952077095 (hereinafter: “Provider”).
  2. These Terms and Conditions together with the order form completed by the User on the Provider’s website, jointly constitute a contract for the provision of a Debt Collection Stamp.
  3. The date of conclusion of the contract is the day the User completes the form and approves it with the “Send Order” button.
  4. The Debt Collection Stamp will be made available to the User for a selected period of either 6, 12 or 24 months, in the form of a physical stamp, sent to the User’s address, as well as in electronic form (image file), sent to the User’s e-mail address. A design of the Debt Collection Stamp is presented below as well as in the order form.
  5. The User is entitled during the subscription period to use a Debt Collection Stamp on any documents confirming his claims arising from business operations, i.e. on issued invoices, debit notes and payment requests related to existing and due receivables.
  6. The Debt Collection Stamp provided by the Provider will remain his property throughout the duration of the contract. The User may not make any lasting changes to the Debt Collection Stamp pattern without a written consent of the Provider.
  7. Within 14 days of the end of the subscription period, the User is obliged to return all Debt Collection Stamps at his own expense. The return will be made by registered mail or courier to the address of the Provider: ul. Antonia Vivaldiego 27/5, 52-129 Wrocław.
  8. For using the Debt Collection Stamp, the User is obliged to pay a fee for the chosen subscription period:
    1. PLN 414.00 for a 6-month subscription, i.e. PLN 69.00 per month,
    1. PLN 708.00 for the 12-month subscription period, i.e. PLN 59.00 per month,
    1. PLN 1,176.00 for the 24-month subscription period, i.e. PLN 49.00 per month.
  9. The amount of the fee specified in par. 8 VAT will be increased by the VAT tax, in accordance with applicable Polish regulations in force on the given date.
  10. The User will pay the fee for chosen subscription period within 7 days of placing the order, making a payment to the account of the Provider in Idea Bank S.A. No. 09 1950 0001 2006 0047 9308 0001.
  11. A physical stamp and image file of the Debt Collection Stamp will be sent to the User’s addresses within 5 business days of payment. The costs of delivery rest with the User.
  12. The subscription period starts from the day the Debt Collection Stamp is received at the User’s address.
  13. If the Service Recipient fails to return the Debt Collection Stamp within 14 days of the subscription period expiry, the contract shall be extended for another subscription period, unless before the expiry of the abovementioned within 14 days, the User or the Provider will notify the Provider of his lack of will to extend the contract.
  14. The optional cost of each additional copy of the Debt Collection Stamp, as well as the cost of replacing the damaged seal is PLN 55 net. VAT tax should be added to the amount provided in accordance with applicable regulations.
  15. In the event of a delay in payment of the fee exceeding 30 days, the Provider may terminate the contract in question immediately.
  16. In case of either:
    a) failure to return the Debt Collection Stamp within the period referred to in paragraph 7 in the event of non-renewal of the contract,
    b) providing the Debt Collection Stamp to an entity other than the User,
    c) use of the Debt Collection Stamp without a valid contract,
    d) non-contractual use of Provider’s image, logo or name during or after the termination of contract,
    the Provider will have the right to charge the User with contractua penalty, which is equivalent to the gross fee for 24 months of providing a Debt Collection Stamp. The charge of the above penalties does not preclude the Provider from seeking compensation on general principles.
  17. The provision of the Debt Collection Stamp by the Provider do not constitute an order by the User for legal services, i.e. recovery or representation in any existing or future matter. Any legal services provided for the User shall be subject of separate agreement.
  18. Disputes arising from the application of this agreement shall be settled by Polish common court competent for the seat of the Provider.
  19. All correspondence related to the order and the subscription period shall be delivered to the address provided by the User in the order form. In the event of a change of address, the User is obliged to inform the Provider, under pain of considering the correspondence that has been sent to the previous address as delivered.
  20. Above regulations come into force on 15/04/2019 and are valid until further notice by announcing new regulations by the Provider.