Payment Methods

Each Client’s case is treated individually and therefore we are flexible in determing the financial terms of cooperation. We always mind the nature of the case, the degree of its complexity and the time the service is performed as well as the value of the subject of the dispute in court proceedings.
The financial situation of our Client and the social significance of the case is also important for us.
In the case of court proceedings, we always strive to ensure that the opposing party will pay all the costs of the proceedings, including our fee.

We provide the following payment methods:

  1. Lump sum (a single payment) – the basic method of payment in the case of single service order.
  2. Fixed monthly payment – for entrepreneurs, who decided on an ongoing cooperation; preferential conditions and costs of legal assistance.
  3. Fixed monthly payment with hours limit – ongoing cooperation with specified number of discounted hours agreed with the client as part of a monthly payment; after exceeding the limit, the renumeration for additional hours is calculated according to a regular hourly rate.
  4. Hourly rate – settled with an accuracy of up to 15 minutes.
  5. Lump sum with a success fee – charged only in case of a successful litigation.

Price list of basic legal services – lump sum (a single payment):

  • Request for Payment Letter – from PLN 300 gross;
  • Single Legal Advice – from PLN 200 gross;
  • Preparation of a Claim Form/Complaint (Lawsuit) – from PLN 600 gross;
  • Contract Drafting or Analysis – from PLN 600 gross;
  • Representation in a court case:
    • for payment – from 10% of the claimed claim,
    • for compensation – from 30% of the benefit awarded,
    • for other lawsuits – from PLN 1200.00 gross,
  • Establishment of commercial law companies (sp. z o.o., S.A., sp.j., sp. p., sp. k., s.k.a. – from PLN 1500.00 gross,
  • Ongoing legal services for micro / small entrepreneurs – from PLN 800 / month.

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