GDPR in Poland – Documentation and Compliance

Our Law Office will ensure the compliance of all of your company’s activities, including the company’s internal documentation to the requirements set by European and Polish regulations.

The terms of our offer are each time adapted to the individual needs of the Client, taking into account elements such as the size of his/her activities and the scope of the lawyer’s expected work.
As part of our services, we provide all the necessary documentation as well as requested legal information regarding the obligations incumbent on the Client in relation to the applicable regulations.

We provide the opportunity to take advantage of either the full compliance adaptation or an assistance in singular issues specified by the Client.

We prepare all the necessary GDPR documentation, including, but not limited to:

  1. Personal Data Protection Policy
  2. Register of Processing Categories
  3. Register of Processing Entities
  4. Register of Authorizations
  5. Individual Rights Execution Procedure
  6. Data Access Procedure
  7. Violation Reporting Procedure
  8. Processor Evaluation Card
  9. Risk Analysis Instruction and Report
  10. Impact Assessment for Data Protection Report
  11. Staff Data Protection Policy
  12. Information and Consent Clauses
  13. Information Clauses for Employees
  14. Personal Data Processing Consent
  15. Risk Analysis Forms
  16. Data Processing Activities Register
  17. Register of Infringements with the Procedure for Archivization of a Register of Personal Data Violations
  18. Data Processing Agreement / Co-Administeration of Data Processing Agreement
  19. Guide for the Classification of Infringements and the Procedure for Reporting Violations of the Protection of Personal Data to The Supervisory Authorities
  20. Procedure for the Occurrence of Infringements Causing a High Risk of Violation of Rights and Freedoms of Persons
  21. Business Continuity Plan
GDPR in Poland

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