Coronavirus Benefit for persons who are employed on umowa zlecenia or umowa o dzieło in Poland

If you are employed on civil law contract (like umowa zlecenie or umowa o dzieło) this the contract has been terminated, cancelled or limited (less hours or work) due to COVID-19, then you might be eligible to apply for a one-time financial benefit in order to compensate you for the loss of revenue.

What can you get?

  • You can receive “Świadczenie Postojowe” (AKA “Impediment Benefit” or “Coronavirus Benefit”).
  • The amount of this benefit depends on revenue (not income) from previous month:
  • 2080 PLN if in the month preceding the application, your revenue was more then 1299.99 PLN,
  • the amount equal to revenue from previous month, if it was lower then 1299.99 PLN.
  • This benefit is a one-time payment to your bank account.

Who can get this benefit?

Persons performing a civil law contract. That is umowa zlecenia, umowa o dzieło, agency contract, commission contract or other contracts for which the provisions for umowa zlecenia or umowa o dzieło from the Civil Code apply).

What conditions do you have to meet to get support?

  • You performed a civil law contract (e.g. umowa o dzieło/umowa zlecenia or other) concluded before 1st February 2020.
  • Your revenue from the civil law contracts obtained in the month preceding the month in which you applied for the benefit is less then 15681.00 PLN.
  • You live on the territory of Poland and you either:
  • are a Polish citizen,
  • you have the right of temporary or permanent residence,
  • you can legally stay on the territory of Poland
  • You don’t perform a civil law contract in whole or in part.

How we can help you and what is our fee?

  • We will determine if you are eligible to get this benefit.
  • We will calculate the highest possible amount of benefit you can get.
  • We will prepare the application and all necessary documents and file it at ZUS Office.
  • Our fee is 300 PLN total (100 PLN paid in advance and 200 PLN when you receive your benefit).

Due to high amount of requests regarding Świadczenie Postojowe (Coronavirus Benefit), we decided to create a separate order route. Please contact us by the following email address:

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