7 Practical differences between Permanent Residence and Long Term EU Residence

As you may know, Permanent Residence permit and Long Term EU Residence have different lists of requirements. But are there any other differences in acquiring and using from each of these permits? Today we list 7 practical differences between Permanent Residence and Long Term EU Residence: Permanent Residence Long Term EU Residence May be granted … Read more

Permanent Residence vs Long Term EU Residence. An up to date list of requirements – comparison and recent changes.

Below I present you an up-to-date (on 26.10.2019), full list of requirements for permanent residence and long term EU residence. Any recent changes, that are often missing in other articles on the Internet are indicated in green (added) and red (removed).

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When do you qualify for permanent residence permission according to the new law? Do you need a language certificate and a 10-year residence?

It came to my attention, that in some Voivodeship Offices (Urząd Wojewódzki) you may get some wrong and/or outdated information about requirements needed to be granted a permanent residence permission in Poland. Polish law regarding foreigners (codified be Act of 12 December 2013 on Foreigners) changes constantly and unfortunately for you, clerks from Voivodeship Offices … Read more