Professional Legal Translation Services Polish-English ENG-PL

Our Law Firm provides professional legal translation services (Polish to English and English to Polish). All translations are made by a professional attorney-at-law, an expert in the field related to the translated text.

We have many years of experience in translating the content of contracts, legal documents, regulations and any other legal texts. In our opinion a correct translation of legal content can only be provided by someone who fully understands its meaning.

Our rates:

  • English to Polish: PLN 80 net per page of source text.
  • Polish to English: PLN 100 net per page of source text.

One page equals to 1200 characters with spaces.
The up-to-date VAT rate is added to the indicated net values.

We guarantee quick delivery time and professional service.

You are welcome to contact us with any questions.

Professional Legal Translation