Polish Passport Ranked at 5th Best in the World by Mobility Score!

According to Passport Index (https://www.passportindex.org/), Polish passport has been ranked at 5th best on the mobility scale with 129 points – which is only 4 points less then the best ranked passport (Germany)!

Every citizenship comes with individual mobility priviledges. Depending on what kind of international agreements a government signed, your passport may grant you more or less freedom when it comes to travelling.

By mobility scale, Passport Index is determining how many countries can a passport holder visit without a visa (among other factors). This scal is being constantly updated, taking into account any ongoing travel restrictions or limitations (including COVID-19 restrictions).

As of 30th January 2021, Polish passport allows you to visit 90 countries without a visa and another 35 countries with visa granted on arrival at the airport. Other 69 countries still require getting a visa before travelling. In total, with Polish passport you can visit 194 countries.

(source: https://www.passportindex.org/)

In order to get Polish passport you need to become Polish citizen. If you would like to learn more about this, see our previous article:

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