Polish ePUAP system. Did you know you can take care of your matters without leaving home?

While you are staying in Poland, many times you have to take care of some matters at Polish offices or submit necessary documents or applications addressed to public entities.Doing so very oftentimes requires your personal appearance in the office. This takes a lot of time as well as effort, since not always Polish clerks will be able to communicate with foreigners.
This is why you should consider getting access to Polish ePUAP system, so you can deal with many official matters without leaving home.

What is ePUAP?

The ePUAP or Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services is a free government platform that allows you to confirm your identity and submit many applications or documents without going to the office. This is done by use of the so called “Trusted Profile” (Profil Zaufany) – an electronic signature that you can use if you have Internet access and phone.

What is important, it is a completely free platform, since it is provided by Polish government for universal access. You will not be charged any fees for setting up and maintaining your account.

Who can use ePUAP?

ePUAP can be accessed by anyone who:

  • has a PESEL number (you will get it if you register your address – zameldowanie),
  • registered an ePUAP account,
  • has any kind of Internet access.

So ePUAP can be used by both Polish citizens, as well as foreigners – if they have a PESEL number.

How ePUAP makes life easier?

The main purpose of a ePUAP is to provide you a Trusted Profile to confirm your identity. Thanks to this, your online applications are treated in the same way as the signed “paper” application submitted in person at the office.
Electronic documentation saves time, speeds up the response time to applications and allows you to receive decisions online. In addition, every person with ePUAP has access to the history of cases ordered via a Trusted Profile. An important element of ePUAP is the ability to check the status of cases and applications.

What cases can be dealt with through ePUAP?

The ePUAP platform provides access to an entire spectrum of cases that can be dealt with online. Here are examples of cases you can take care of via ePUAP:

  • submitting Family 500+ application,
  • reporting the birth of a child,
  • applying for a copy of a civil status certificate;
  • making a notification about the sale of the vehicle;
  •  obtaining a certificate of employment and remuneration (RP-7);
  • entry / update / removal from the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG);
  • certificate of entry in the business register;
  • funding under specific activities;
  • register of issued certificates;

Do you need help with access to ePUAP? Feel free to contact us and take advantage of our services.

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