Agile Contracts in Poland

If you have found yourself here, it means that you are familiar with the dangers associated with the use of any contract templates found on random websites.

Our attorneys-at-law provide professional help with drafting contracts for projects carried out with the use of Agile framework.

A well-written Agile Contract guarantees:

-> proper description of the development process and implementation of the project in consequent iterations – which supports the efficiency of development,
-> an appropriate framework for cooperation between the parties, preventing conflicts and legal claims,
-> clear rules for accepting and receiving the results of each product iteration – ensuring the reliability of mutual arrangements,
-> option for a possible flexible payment method,
-> comfortable Exit Plan,
-> safety of the Client’s interest

Each contract is drafted by a professional attorney-at-law, who takes care to properly consult the Client on his expectations, so that the final effect reflects his needs. Agreements are provided with an understandable commentary, allowing for the conscious use of the rights provided within.

Agile Contracts

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